28th June 2017

I went to Glastonbury last week, via Belfast, Cairnryan, Ayr, Glasgow, Stafford and Stoke and back through Birmingham, Stafford (again), Crewe, Holyhead and Dublin.  I decided to take a photograph for every waking hour from when I left the house until I got home; only one, so that if it was blurred, or too dark, or by necessity taken through a reflective train window or just hopelessly random, I’d be stuck with it.   I let myself have a bit of fun with the editing, though.

Tuesday 20th June:


Wednesday 21st:


Thursday 22nd:

(I’ve just realised that this indicates what a Glastonbury wimp I am – all that nighttime revelry is  a closed book to me, snuggled in my sleeping bag.)


Friday 23rd:


Saturday 24th:


Sunday 25th:


Monday 26th:


And finally Tuesday 27th:

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