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Tanya Jones was the Green Party candidate for Fermanagh and South Tyrone in the 2017 General Election, having previously stood in the 2015 General and 2016 and 2017 Assembly elections.  She is a long-standing member of the Green Party and was the founding chair of the Fermanagh & South Tyrone group. She is well known in Fermanagh and beyond as a campaigner in the frack-free movement and was the website editor and legal co-ordinator for the Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network. She is also deeply concerned with cross-community issues, as secretary and former chair of the Fermanagh Churches Forum. Tanya studied at Cambridge and York Universities and is a former solicitor and teacher. She has lived in County Clare, in England, Italy and the United States and is the author of eight books, most recently the novel Fracking Up. She is married to Martin and they have three grown-up children: Gawain, a chess grandmaster, Rory, a musician and performance poet and Ashley, a student at Queen’s University Belfast and chair of the Young Greens NI.  Tanya can often be seen cycling around Enniskillen or being dragged in all directions by Abby and Jess, their young rescued dogs.

Please note that all opinions etc. on this blog are Tanya’s own, and do not necessarily represent the Green Party of Northern Ireland.

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  1. Great to have such an active Green Candidate just 40 minutes away.
    I am standing for Greens in Sligo Leitrim constituency which is the biggest in the South.I have a Facebook page which I would love everyone to like SligoLeitrim Green Party.I am a founding member of Good Energy Alliance,on the Carrick executive of Inland Waterways of Ireland and am in the renewable energy business

  2. Congratulations – so pleased that you did well. It’s been a long hard slog for you all but well worth it. Love Mum & Dad

  3. You have my vote this coming Thursday. I hope you do well and other people support your efforts of making our environment a much better place to live in.

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