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Joining the Green Party in Northern Ireland is one of the very best ways that you can support my campaign and bring about real, positive and lasting change to our politics, our society and our future.  Click here to visit the GPNI website and join us.  If you’re not in Northern Ireland, and would like to join the Green Party in your own region or country, just scroll down to the bottom of the GPNI page to find links to our sister parties in Ireland, England and Wales, Scotland, the European Green Party and the Global Greens.

The Green Party in Northern Ireland
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  1. Thank you, Kees, for your kind words. Thorium is certainly a very interesting possibility – I know that Hans Blix advocated its development a few years ago. As you say, it seems to be safer than uranium and importantly does not have the fatal link with nuclear weapons. My personal view is that, apart from the serious safety concerns, and gigantic subsidies required, all forms of nuclear energy will now be too slow to save us from disastrous climate change. We have the knowledge and capacity to move very quickly to 100% renewable energy generation, and this must now be both our moral and practical imperative. I would, however, be happy to see continued research on thorium, so long as it is safe and does not impede work on more immediately productive renewable energies.

  2. I hope you win elections next time, Fracking is a very dangerous way of getting gas, also we need to invest in Thorium energy, it is nucleair but can never cause a melddown and also waist can be burned like from the uranium plants, thorium plant is a low pressure salt plant and when there is a problem it can just tapped to a barrel underground and proces stops, like a frozen pipe who when there is electricity keeps frozen, when disaster happend and electricity stops the pipe wil meld and automaticely the salt with thorium drain away in a underground barrel, stopping the reaction, so save that it can be even in the middel of a city, with thorium we can make hydrogen for electric cars and little powerplants without coles and such making a real green world.

    regards @changeumans twitter.


  3. Thank you very much. Yes, as one of my Green Party colleagues said recently, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Best wishes, Tanya

  4. Hallo had a good browse through the site. Found some interesting reading that made me think and being a pensioner I’ve plenty of time for that, keep up the good work
    although I think you have a uphill battle, but one never knows good luck. WR.

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