3rd May 2016

small2Ever since our manifesto launch, I’ve been planning to write a blog post summarising some of the key policies which it contains.  I still haven’t found time, but fortunately (and coincidentally) Aidan has done it for me, in this excellent article on the Bright Green website.







Meanwhile, here’s a message from Green MP Caroline Lucas….

7th April 2016

Just before Easter we had some family news: Aidan came out as non-binary, that is not identifying exclusively as either a man or a woman.  We are very happy to support them (the correct pronoun) and are delighted to see how comfortable and creative Aidan is in their true identity.  They posted this video on YouTube explaining their decision (the very end includes my rather undramatic reaction)

and yesterday the Fermanagh Herald included this excellent full page feature, intended to give hope to other young (and maybe not so young) people experiencing the same questions and redefinitions.  It was brave and thoughtful of Aidan to take these public steps, and we’re very proud of them.

23rd December 2015

1323Aidan and Rory arrived this morning on the bus from Belfast, so we’re ready for festivities now.  Rory claimed to have a gig in Newry, but Aidan couldn’t think of an excuse fast enough to escape from the board games.  This is actually Knightmare chess, with lots of bizarre cards changing and adding moves.  I was entirely discombobulated by the ninety degree move of the board, and Aidan’s consequent three queens, which serves me right.  Oh, and while he had a nap (still recovering from the OccupyQUB sleep deprivation) I put some words and pictures (mostly pictures) on my post for 12th December (the one with all the climate justice actions).

22nd November 2015

We got around to joining the National Trust last week, so celebrated with a walk around the grounds of Florence Court this afternoon.  Aidan, recently back from a Federation of Young European Greens meeting in Brussels (glad it wasn’t scheduled for this weekend) came along with us, and even Robbie managed a few steps.





23rd October 2015

1023Last night was the Evening of Celebration at the Erne Integrated College – my second as a governor and last (sniff) as a parent.  Aidan came back briefly from Belfast to collect a couple of awards and a cup, and to meet up with his old friends, students and staff alike.

10th October

1010A busy day, leaving the house just after seven for the bus and train journey to a long Green Party meeting in Bangor.  I’d planned to join the Belfast manifestation of the Day of Action on Climate Change – Frackdown, Divestment and No to TTIP, demonstrating against Barclays’ ‘investment’ in fracking, but by the time I got there, it was all over. But I shared the train ride between Belfast and Bangor with Aidan (our youngest son, chair of the Young Greens in Northern Ireland) which was lovely.

1st April

5Aidan, our youngest son, Fermanagh & South Tyrone Green Party secretary, GPNI YouTube man and my campaign manager is eighteen tomorrow.  Lots of things have happened today, but this is the one that’s leaving me a bit wobbly.